Your 30 Day Reset to Radiance!

Recharge, Reset, & Renew

Your Mind, Body, and Beauty Routine!  

Michelle Phillips – As Featured On:

Join Celebrity Makeup Artist, Beauty & Transformation Coach for a 
Total Mind, Body, and Beauty Transformation! 


- Classes take place every Monday for 30 days -

May 18th
Via Zoomat 7pm EST

(classes are recorded and emailed within 24 hours for those who are unable to attend LIVE)

Join Michelle Phillips, Live, each week via zoom, where she will guide you step-by-step through her proven process to... 
Reset your Health, Mental Mindset, and Outer Beauty for a Life Changing Transformation!


In Just 30 Days, You will....

Follow Your 30-Day Personalized Health and Wellness Plan to Create Vibrant Health & the Life You Deserve!

Michelle will guide you through her proven process to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Michelle will provide you with a 30-day health and nutrition plan, for a total body reset, and guide you through her powerful mental mindset exercises to reprogram negative self-talk into a positive inner dialogue to supercharge your success. 

Focus on the Positive & Eliminate the Negative

Learn to take the focus off of everyone else first and begin to take good Care of YOU.

You will create a new vision for your life based on the rediscovery process Michelle will guide you through.  You will also follow a goof proof guidance system as you take the steps to make positive changes for your life.  You will take a look at where your energy is going (energy suckers) and eliminate them, and tap into your own Value System which is your GPS for everything you do and every decision you make.

Boot Fear, Self-Doubt, Self-Sabotaging Behaviors, and Resistance to Change.

Michelle will show how to boost self-confidence in a way that turns your fear into fuel and lights the fire you need to take inspired action. Every. Single. Day.

Fear, worry, and self-doubt is normal and very real.  Michelle will share proven practices she has used for herself, and her clients, to turn fear, self-doubt, excuses, and resistance to change into the fuel needed to create vibrant health, a happier life, and radiant beauty. 

Positively Aging & Clean Beauty

Michelle will share the ingredeints to you need to ditch and the ingredients you must have in your beauty routine.

It takes 26 seconds for your skincare products to absorb into our blood stream!  You will learn about the ingredients you must avoid that could be making you sick as well as the ingredients you want to be sure to have in your beauty routine that are good for your skin and help you look younger! And yes, you can age backwards.  Michelle will share how. 

Makeup Tools and Techniques to Help You Look Younger

Michelle will share her professional makeup tips, tools and techniques to help you look your best (and younger)!

Michelle will share her step-by-step tools and techniques to apply your makeup in a way that makes you look younger.  She will also demonstrate what women typically do that makes them look older!  You will be surprised when you learn the subtle changes you can make applying your makeup which will make you look a lot younger.  
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