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Michelle Phillips &  Cyndi Edwards

This Show is About Giving Ourselves Permission to Break the Rules that We Place On Ourselves

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Michelle Phillips & Cyndi Edwards are BFFs and two well-known National TV Personalities. After 25 years of being on-camera, these two are ready to take off the false eyelashes, ditch the shapewear and finally say exactly what’s on their minds.

These Down-to-Earth besties are now ready to break the rules they were professionally expected to live by. They are excited about breaking free from the expectation to always be neutral and to look perfect on camera.  Michelle and Cyndi are calling out this media driven perfection deception! These two ladies are sparking conversations that are thought provoking, empowering, funny, and often… shocking. Michelle and Cyndi will share their amazing achievements and struggles working in the television industry. They will also talk about their dealings with A-List Celebrities to demonstrate how even the most beautiful and successful women battle their negative inner critic. 

They will take you on a journey to become a self-confident woman who knows who she is, breaks a few rules and lives fearlessly. Michelle and Cyndi also have access to world renowned guests so a diverse cross section of voices will be heard. 

The journey starts here. Come along for the ride. Breaking the Rules promises real, raw talk, sort of like what you’d hear in the makeup room rather than the anchor chair!  

Hi! We're Michelle Phillips and Cyndi Edwards. Our mission is to help you not only improve your self-confidence, we want to help you improve your well-being.

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Cyndi’s zest for life emanates from the screen. She is creative and charismatic. If you get the chance to meet Cyndi or even watch her on TV, you’ll soon realize that asking questions is in her blood. Cyndi genuinely cares about people. She has an innate ability to set people at ease and get them talking.  - Elizabeth Harris



Cyndi is a warm, gracious, genuine personality who has always researched her topics and took interest in her guests. I knew that every time we worked together, our segments would prove to be informative and entertaining. Her love for the industry comes through in all of her efforts.  - Michael Sacks

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