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With Michelle Phillips

Your 30 Day Reset to Radiance!


Recharge, Reset, & Renew Your Mind, Body, and Beauty Routine! 

Join Celebrity Makeup Artist, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Expert for a Total Mind, Body, and Beauty Transformation! 


You will join Michelle, LIVE, for 5 weekly coaching calls where she will guide you step-by-step through her proven process to reset your health, mental mindset, and outer beauty for life changing transformation.

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Drop the Disillusionment of Perfection

Break free from the pressures to look and act a certain way, stop comparing yourself to others, and end the cycle of striving for perfection and people pleasing behaviors that lead to burnout, bitchiness, and bad decisions.  The freedom and joy you will feel in looking within instead of outside for your self-worth and self-value will radically impact EVERY area of your life!

Discover and Uncover your True Desires, Passions and Purpose

Dreaming is a life skill. Learn how to create new dreams based on what you truly want, without limitations. Once you get a glimpse of what your life can become, you know exactly what you want which will change the decisions you make every day!

Release the Energy Vampires and Restore Radiant Energy

Once you begin the process of creating your new life, the nay-sayers may start to show up and try to de-rail you.  You will learn how to release yourself from the negative people in your life, speak up for yourself, and take care of YOU, first.  

Boot Fears and Self-Doubts & Boost Your Self-Confidence

Fear is real and it’s normal.  Learn how to navigate through the fear, excuses, and resistance that can arise as change occurs. I’ll show how to boost self-confidence in a way that turns your fear into fuel and lights the fire you need to take inspired action. Every. Single. Day.

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  Hi, I'm Michelle Phillips

In this Video I Share My Personal Story


Do you ever feel like you’ll never be, look or feel good enough to get what you want?

Sometimes it can feel like you’re not young, smart, pretty or strong enough and you’ll never measure up to the expectations of being “the perfect woman.”

Maybe you were taught as a child to believe you weren’t enough or suffered abuse that led you to believe you’re unworthy of being loved.

Perhaps there was a time in your life when you were younger that you felt vibrant, valued and incredibly beautiful but something changed along the way…. (Like hitting mid-life and facing body, hormone, and mood changes that make you feel awful about yourself)

No matter what you try or do, nothing seems to fix the feelings of not being enough.

I remember feeling those same feelings so clearly...

Years ago, I was in an abusive marriage.

I was afraid and exhausted from trying to keep up the façade of having a perfect life so know one would know the reality of my life. 


But, deep down inside I knew I had to make some major changes, both for myself and for my kids. So, I decided it was time for us to move out and start a new life. 


The Perfect Storm


Shortly after making the decision to leave my broken marriage, things got much worse.  I lost my job.


With three kids to raise and not making enough to make ends meet, I applied for food stamps. I was close to having to live in my car.


And then my Wake-Up Call came… 


My best friend called to tell me she had Stage IV cancer and had been given six months to live. Then it hit me. 


If I only had six months to live, would any of what these struggles really matter? 


The answer was a loud, resounding NO! 


I knew I had the power to turn things around. And so, I did


It wasn’t easy at first, but, with baby steps, I focused on the work that mattered– the work that would actually transform my life. 


Today I am a self-loving, confident, successful woman who knows who she is and who is no longer afraid to shine – and no longer doubts her worth! 


What I didn’t know back then was that through my transformation, I was piecing together a powerful process that I would later share with thousands of women from all walks of life through my bestselling book “The Beauty Blueprint”, my coaching programs and speaking tours with incredible thought leaders such as Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup,  Louise Hay and more.


I am proof this process works – and can it work for you too!



You’re in the Right Place…

You don’t recognize the woman in the mirror

Even after building a successful career, having a great marriage, raising healthy, happy children, or achieving big goals, you simply don’t resonate with the face you see staring back at you.

Maybe You feel like the best of your years have passed you by

You know it sounds crazy, but it feels like suddenly your best years are behind you. You wonder if you still have the time (and the energy) to do what you’ve always wanted.

You don’t know who you are anymore

You used to know who you were – your strengths, your essence, your uniqueness… but now, you wonder where she went and if she was ever really that happy.

You struggle with a changing body and raging hormones

Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds, see deeper lines across your face, or have dark circles under your eyes –and EVERYTHING seems to be changing rapidly. You simply aren’t happy with how you feel or how you look and you have NO IDEA how to “get back” to feeling and looking good again. 

You suffer from lack of energy and passion in your life

What once brought you tremendous joy simply doesn’t anymore. You have a sudden wave of new interests but you are too afraid to explore them because you feel it’s too late, too hard or you are too old.

You’ve invested in yourself but you still feel stuck

You’ve purchased beauty products or tried some cosmetic procedures – and despite “looking” better on the outside, you simply don’t feel attractive, valued or loved. In fact, the more you try and “fix” the outside, the worse you feel on the inside.

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Picture yourself feeling completely and utterly free to be yourself. You know that inner critic who beats you up for not looking or being perfect? Well, she’s been dethroned by the self-loving, power woman within you who has been waiting to let loose. (Yep, that kind of oomph is in YOU.)


You actually like the person in the mirror now.
Hell, you might go as far as saying you kind of LOVE her.
And, she has a fiercely fulfilling life to boot.
Nope, this isn’t too good to be true. 
Stick with me because that’s where we’re heading.


A self-confident radiant woman knows who she is and lives fearlessly. She doesn’t want a perfect life; she wants a fulfilling life.

She knows perfection is a lie, so she uses her mistakes to lead her to her strengths. She has learned to love and live with compassion, and when fears arise, she uses them as kindling for her next creative effort.

She has a unique style that gives everything she does a personal flare. She doesn’t chase trends but has been known to start a few.

Her friends call her courageous, her loved ones call her beautiful, and she calls herself her greatest love.
She is a bright light for a generation of women frightened by the overwhelming pressures to blend in and dim down.

That “She” is YOU and if you are ready to SHINE and EXPERIENCE the life you truly desire, join me for my empowering 6-week program LOVE ME MORE where I coach you step-by-step through the process I used to radically change my own life, as well as transform the lives of hundreds of women just like you and me.

Exclusive Member Platform

You’ll be given access to the lessons and weekly action exercises all in one place.

Lifetime Access

Everything I share during this course is yours forever! You will have access to all the materials, videos, and inner circle community for life!

Community Support

You’ll be a part of my exclusive private Facebook group with other women who are committed to mastering this process. Together, we will help motivate and build one another up so we all become Courageous, Bold and the Best version of ourselves so we can radiant our true essence and live the life we’ve always dreamed of.

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Engaging Video Lessons

In each video, I personally guide you through my process step by step through engaging video lessons that include empowering action steps and exercises.

Q&A with Michelle

These lessons are linked to a Private FB Group so you can connect with me and I will be able to address any questions or concerns you have as you move through this program. 

Guided Action Steps

Each video, you will be given homework (or what I like to call action steps), along with each lesson, so you actually start the transformation process and begin to see results.

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When you sign up for this Love ME More course, you won’t have to go this journey alone. That’s because you’ll be joining an exclusive and supportive private Facebook group of women just like you – who are ready to rock this next chapter in life who are all working toward the same goal, and who are excited to build each other up by answering questions and providing support and motivation. You might even make a few lifelong friends along the way!


During our time together, you’ll break free from “perfection deception” and negative self-talk, and tap into your inner strength, courage, and tenacity to reclaim a deep sense of self-worth that honors what you treasure in life. This powerful process leads you to feel, look and Be Your Best. You’ll experience higher levels of energy, deeper and more passionate relationships, a stronger sense of purpose and meaning, and greater success… all on YOUR terms. You deserve the life you deeply desire and it all starts here!

Inner Circle of Inspiration & Support

Confidence is Beauty

This Love ME More  Course is PERFECT for You
If You Are Ready to….

Feel Better Than You Have in Years

You will be amazed at how good it feels to release the self-doubt and negative self-talk that keeps you from having, doing and being who you want to be!

Focus on What You Love about Yourself

This may seem hard to believe right now, but by the end of this program, you will know your worth and value. You will embrace your strengths. And you will literally fall in love with yourself again… or maybe for the first time.

Radiate Joy and Beauty from Inside Out

The inner confidence that comes from letting go of negative self-talk and unobtainable idea of perfection coupled with new, positive practices and beliefs, you will radiate and shine – and yes, others will notice these changes!

Experience Passionate & Fulfilling Relationships

When you know what you want and discover the power you hold in creating the types of relationships you desire, you will notice significant changes in your current relationships. And if you feel you need to make any changes, you’ll have the courage to follow your heart.

New Opportunities that Light a Fire

When you make these inner shifts, something magical inevitably happens externally. Because you are changing, what appears in your life changes. You may find new opportunities, relationships or experiences unfold that may have always been before you but you just now take notice.

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​Because perfectionism is so yesterday...

and I’m focused on your future!

I want you to not only look and feel amazing, but to BE amazing… in your own skin.

And that, my radiant friend, is what I believe real beauty is all about.

About Michelle

Throughout her career as a top celebrity make-up artist, Michelle Phillips’s job was to create the illusion of perfection for the camera.  Like so many other women, she automatically strived for that same perfection in her personal life. From cooking the perfect meal to staging the perfect home, Michelle wanted her personal life to match what she saw every day in magazines and on the television. And, she wanted to look perfect while doing it.

After two decades in the business, Michelle became disillusioned with the business of beauty, and fed up with the pressures our media-driven society put on women. She realized the obsession with perfection meant that women were never allowed to feel good enough. Youth was prized over wisdom. Looks mattered more than character. And having the perfect life was more important than enjoying it.
Working with thousands of clients from all walks of life, Michelle witnessed women trying external solutions like new haircuts, makeovers and new fashions. When those solutions didn’t heal their heart, many women turned to plastic surgery, dangerous diets, anti-depressants and sleeping pills.

Now, in her work with women across the globe as an author, transformational coach and speaker, Michelle has determined the root cause of this wound. Women consistently report struggling with a negative inner critic, whose harsh judgments are reinforced by critical media images and commentary. In addition, the voice is fueled by wounds from the past, a heavy load of fear, and the guilt and resentment that come from people-pleasing behaviors. Women are being encouraged to prop up a façade rather than make choices that support their true values and spirit. This inner critic, and its damaging daily messages, is causing a generation to come apart at the seams.

But there is an answer. This negative voice can be silenced at last and forever. Women can define beauty in a powerful new way, and become all they were born to be.

Michelle Phillips has developed a powerful program to help woman radically, and wonderfully, transform their life. Michelle’s process is backed by stories and testimonials from thousands of Michelle Phillips’ readers and clients world-wide. She has helped couch potatoes become marathoners, helped broken women mend relationships and break free of abuse and even guided successful executives to greater heights on their terms. By empowering women to be live confidently and radiate that confidence to the world, the process creates a life and a look that is ageless and unique to every woman.